Integrate DISQUS comments with SharePoint 2013

​In the past couple of weeks, I have had the most challenging time allowing anonymous users the ability to post a comment to my (used to be) public SharePoint blog. Apparently, this is a known issue with SharePoint 2013. When an anonymous user enters a comment, they get the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trim’ of null
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trim’ of null

After much research on this issue and no hope for a solution, I changed the direction of my search to looking for an alternative solution and I found one. DISQUIS was the answer. I essentially got the idea from the following site

The author writes about integrating Disqus with SharePoint 2013. Disqus is a “is a blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities” and works great with SharePoint.

I would rather manage anonymous user comments from within SharePoint but until Microsoft finds a viable solution for the comments issue, Disqus will be my temporary fix.

Here’s my used to be SharePoint blog with DISQUIS used as for commenting. That’s another blog post of why I am back with WordPress.

If you have gotten SharePoint anonymous blog comments working for you, please share your solution.



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