Nintex – Assign Flexi Task

I have heard so many good things about NINTEX that I was excited when I finally had the chance to use it in place of SharePoint designer.  My task was to create a document approval workflow.  Here’s a diagram showing the process.

User uploads document  –> Notificaion sent to Chief –> Chief approves, disapproves –> Notification sent to AD –> AD approves, disapproves –> Notification sent to ED –> ED approves, disapproves

Creating the above process with Nintex was not a problem.  The problem was creating a reminder email to be sent.  When a notification is initially sent, the recipient will have two days to review the document and approve.  If the recipient hasn’t taken any action after two days, another notification should be sent.  I struggled with this for a few days googling (lots of different solutions) but was finally able to resolve this issue, thanks to a colleague.  He recommended using ‘flexi-task’ which worked great.  See images below.

With Nintex workflow open, select Assign Flexi task


Once you have dragged it to the workflow canvas, click the chevron next to the Assign Flexi task and select Configure from the list of options.


When the configuration settings open up, in the Action tab add the Assignees name.


Click on the Task Notification icon button and add any CC or BC and any message you want to be read on the initial email when a task is assigned.


Then click on the Reminders icon.  Add how many reminders you want to send out, 1 in my case.  Add the number of days between reminders, 2 for me.


Click Save and that’s it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and please leave a comment and/or feedback below.

NINTEX SharePoint SharePoint 2013

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