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As noted in my last post, I have been learning REACT and I actually enjoy it. I thought it would be complex but it really isn’t. It truly is JavaScript! What makes REACT seem complex to many, including myself in the beginning, is JavaScript XML( JSX), but it really isn’t as difficult as many may…

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SharePoint Saturday VA Beach

I had the opportunity to do a session at SharePoint Saturday VA Beach and it was great. My session was on ‘Using Vue.js with SharePoint’. Here’s the location to the files of the demo in that session: If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will try and help.You can also…

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SharePoint Saturday Help Desk Code

Today (6/1/2019) I gave my first presentation at SharePoint Saturday in Reston, VA. My presentation was on how to use VUE.js with SharePoint. I had created a simple help desk form to explain how Vue instance, Vue-Directives, Methods, and life cycle hooks (specifically ‘Created’) worked. Below is the code I promised to share.

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