InfoPath: Any occurrence of…

Have you ever had to deal with the ‘Multiple-Selection List box’ in InfoPath? What a headache it can be if you are  not familiar with how to get the selected values.

I am using an infoPath 2013 form with SharePoint. I had a multiple selection list box called request with the following values “Software, Space (West Only), Workstation, Mobile Device (Region & Employees only)”. 

I created a rule on form submit with the following condition: 

Condition: Value = “Mobile Device (Region & Employees only)” 

Rule type: Action 

Run these actions:* Set a field’s value: Status = “Pending”

It basically reads, if the selected value of ‘Requesting'(shows as Value) is equal to “Mobile Device (Region & Employees only)” , set the ‘Status’ value, found in SharePoint, to “Pending”.  Well, that didn’t work and it took me a while to figure it out. Thanks to Data (That’s what I call google-Someone should create a search engine called ‘Data’ like the star trek dude), I was lead to infoPathDev site and got the help I need.

Here was the solution:

When you create your rule and are in the condition area, “Select a Field or Group” –> Choose your Multiple-Selection List field name (‘Requesting’ for me)–>”Show advanced view”–>Expand the folder and select ‘value’–>In the select drop down below, select ‘Any occurrence of Value’–>Click ‘Ok’ and ‘Ok’.


It will now read, if any occurrence of ‘Requesting’ is equal to “Mobile Device (Region & Employees only)”, set the ‘Status’ in SharePoint.

Hope that helps someone.

InfoPath your way to the top. 🙂


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